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Sunday, October 24, 2021  
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Photo Gallery: Birkie 2003 Thumbnails (click on a thumbnail to see a larger rendering)

birkie2003 001 signing suit Another signature for the ski suit. The wonderful caring nurses at Minnesota Oncology make chemotherapy treatment tolerable. Jim with his Oncologist Dr. Schwerkoski and Casey gets the "Thumbs Up!" to ski the Birkie! Final ski preparation the night before the race. Predictions are for a cold, fast race. Jim early on Race Morning in the signed suit.
Deb Sussex and Michael Dietzman ready to devour the Birkie hills! Post-race hearty breakfast for our elite skiers Uncle Mike [Dietzman] and Auntie Deb [Sussex]. The 2003 Birkie Gang at Jeannie and Peter's cabin. Marilyn, Deb & Michael proudly advertise the number or Birkies completed.




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