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Sunday, October 24, 2021  
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Photo Gallery: Family Thumbnails (click on a thumbnail to see a larger rendering)

fam one 001 birth announcement Max and Daddy in a common position Max & Auntie Deb in favorite hats. Watching Uncle Mike in a bike race on Labor Day 2000. Jim, Barb & Max take their first family pilgrimage to Hope, North Dakota Autumn Max (Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com)
The Owens family at Bluefin Bay on the North Shore of Lake Superior in May 2001. Welcome Home Daddy! Can I watch a video? Max and his Nana! Jim meets his Survivorship Mentor Damon Phnney, the founder of Cyclists Combating Cancer, and his wonderful wife Thea. (Boulder, CO March 2001). Max & "HIS" dog Rascal that lives with Auntie Deb & Uncle Mike in Ely, MN. MAX OWENS - STAGE WINNER!!!
Max's Third Birthday - I think he likes chocolate! (Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com) Wilderness Trek 2003: Max skis his first race!!! Mommy & Michael help a little.
(Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com) My first medal! 
(Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com) Now it is time for Max to learn about Hockey with Uncles Michael and Jim. (Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com) Max rides a tractor his size in North Dakota, Memorial Day weekend 2003. Daddy & Max Memorial Day 2003 visiting Grandma Virginia's grave in Hope, ND. (Photo courtesy of www.deborahsussex.com)




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