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Sunday, October 24, 2021  
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Photo Gallery: Ride for the Roses 2002 Thumbnails (click on a thumbnail to see a larger rendering)

rr2002 001 jim barb Brandon Hayes-Lattin, Will Swetnam, and Jim Owens prepare to start. The tension is mounting for Brandon, Will & Jim  The Saturday ride with Lance is well represented by CCC including Dan Henderson, Jim, and Mike Sclimenti (in polka dot jersey). Jim jokes with Robin Williams (and Robin tells Jim to keep his day job). You never know whom you might meet along the way!
60 Mile Mark - Jim & Ray Cullen in the famous picture that to this day is on www.lancearmstrong.com! Finishing 100 Together - That is 100 miles of HOPE for Ray, Will and Jim! Will & Ray enjoying a few Shiner Bocks at Sholz Beer Garten, the oldest business in Texas (Since 1866). Ray, Jim & Will looking fresh after 100 miles. Jim & Barb Owens pose with Lance Armstrong as he presents Jim with the Yellow Jersey Award for raising $22,180 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation! Lance jokes about his casual attire. "Hey, nobody told me this was a fancy affair!" And as the largest fundraiser arrives in shorts Lance exclaims "He Dressed Me!"
Jim & Barb have a few casual moments with Lance before the award presentation. Davis Phinney presents the Spirit of Survivorship Award to Tamara Stephens in honor of his father Damon Phinney, founder of Cyclists Combating Cancer. Damon lost his courageous battle in October 2001. The "Lone Haranguer" is dearly missed. Jim Owens and Davis Phinney, April 2002. I happened to meet Davis at Gear West in Long Lake, MN in the winter of 1999 shortly after getting out of the hospital. Who could have imagined that a year later his father would play a huge role in my Survivorship Journey! My good friend and our intrepid CCC webmaster, leader, and sometime "Haranguer", Will Swetnam, always poised for action!




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