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Photo Gallery: Ride for the Roses 2003 Thumbnails (click on a thumbnail to see a larger rendering)

rr2003 0010 private ride jim Jim and John Owens with John Sterner, LAF Regional Mentor. Jim and John show the CCC colors before the ride.   Jim with fellow Yellow Jersey Team member John Phua. John has attended every Ride for the Roses. Owens boys with Cyclists Combating Cancer friends Lori Tilton (by Jim), Joann Seaver (right) and another rider. Fellow Northwestern Alum Dan Henderson keeps Scott Martin and Jim under control.
Four cycling legends at the Omni. RftR 2003 Peloton Dinner at the Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch. Really. Jim's sister Nancy, Barb and Jim hear another inspiring survivorship story. Lance tells about running over a Peacock on the way into the dinner. Who knew he was a world-class MC and comedian as well! Jim's Journey Webmaster Paul Fraser, Nancy Fraser, sister Catherine Duncan and Jim waiting for Lyle Lovett to play. Do NOT put a sticker down on a bid sheet unless you are ready to buy! The proud owner of Robin Williams' Hotta TT700 Time Trial bike.
The bike that Eric Miller will never let Jim forget. Coincidentially the lion from Le Tour in the background also sold for $3K. TO SOMEBODY ELSE. Lance introduces his buddy Lyle Lovett. Lyle Lovett entertains the Peloton Project. Lyle Lovett tunes up for the show. More Lyle... Jim and John with the Peloton Project Yellow Jersey team.
"Who didn't get the memo about wearing your Yellow Jersey? Lance gets to wear whatever he wants... ...and pose however he wants... Jim and Davis Phinney, son of CCC founder Damon Phinney. Oh, and a pretty good cyclist as well. (TdF stage winner, most wins of any cyclist in US history, 7-11 team...) "Um...Lance, I have this problem. I accidentially bought the Robin Williams Time Trial bike at the silent auction last night..." "...and my wonderful wife is not very happy. You see we had this kitchen remodel planned, and I sort of spent the money on the bike..."
"...So I have a big favor to ask. You do an incredible amount of riding, so maybe you could use another bike...I'll make you a good deal..." "...Jim, thanks for the great job fundraising. I like you, but hey man, you're on your own. Enjoy the bike! I will tell Robin it has a good home." Lori Tilton and brother John Lance and Lori Tilton John and Lance Armstrong John tells Lance about how he has inspired Jim to be a survivor, not a victim.
John thanks Lance again. John, Catherine, Nancy and Jim enjoy lunch in Austin. Chris Carmichael, Lance's trainer and friend, and Jim at the Yellow Jersey Reception in a private home in Austin. Jim and Barb pose with Lance at the reception. Lance Armstrong presents the Yellow Jersey Award  to brother John. Surprise guest at the party! Barb and Jim meet Tyler Hamilton on the way out.
Lance talks with one of the survivors whose story is told in the documentary film A Lion In The House. The deeply moving film, partially funded by the LAF, follows 5 children fighting cancer. It will be shown on PBS in 2005. TEAM OWENS assembles before the start of ride (Jim, Nancy, Barb, Catherine, John, and Paul). "Irish Twins" Nancy and Jim near the finish.




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