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Photo Gallery: Ride for the Roses 2004 Thumbnails (click on a thumbnail to see a larger rendering)

rr2004 8660 john jim blonde 2003 TOH rider Chris Brewer joins Kelly Lenfert and Jim. Minnesotans John O, Scott A, Jim O, and regional mentor John Sterner prepare to ride with Lance. Bob Roll works the crowd. Lance Armstrong readies his bike for the ride. Lance is introduced at Friday's ride.
Helmets on, boys! Let's hear it for U.S. Postal! World-class rider with Kelly Lenfert. Kelly Lenfert with Lance. 2003 Tour of Hope rider Wendy Chioji. Kelly Lenfert and Lance are ready to roll.
Nike designer and Ride for the Roses poster illustrator Bill Cass with Jim. Exotic animals at the Texas Disposal Systems wild game park. Jim and Barb relax at the Peloton Appreciation Dinner. The stage area at the Peloton Appreciation Dinner. Another spectacular Texas sunset. CCC member Amy Kapra and Jim.
Barb and Jim enjoy the sunset and each other. Robin Williams dressed in Che. Robin Williams works the crowd. Cheryl Crowe, et al. Bob Roll speaks at the Peloton Appreciation Dinner. John Wayne's son, representing the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, speaks at the Peloton Appreciation Dinner.
Cheryl Crowe takes the stage at the Peloton Appreciation Dinner. A duet from Cheryl Crowe and Lance! Jim later gets an opportunity to use the line: "Cheryl, you cycle better than Lance sings!" Jim with Davis Phinney. John's jersey for the Ride for the Roses. The radiant beauty of Barb Owens and her little sister Deb Sussex.
John shares a few laughs with Bob Roll at the yellow jersey reception. John and Kelly Lenfoot chat with six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. A formidable Team Owens (Deb Sussex, John Owens, and Michael Dietzman) gear up for the ride. Michael and Deb finish near the front of the 100 mile ride (Michael in 4 hours, 30 minutes). Lance Armstrong leads the October 2004 Ride for the Roses in Austin (Robin Williams and Cheryl Crowe are to the right of Lance and Jim is on Lance's tail). Jim and Lance and several Tour of Hope riders joke at the head of the peloton. Team Owens (Deb, Michael, Jim, and John) has earned some relaxation.
Jim and Barb Owens celebrate the finish of the 2004 Ride for the Roses.




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