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Sunday, October 24, 2021  
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Good to read about you. I feel more informed about brain cancer survivors. Good luck to you.

Vincetta Naska <vnaska@yahoo.com>   
U.S.A. Posting Date: 10/20/2008

Jim, I'm glad you have your journey site referenced on your email. I've appreciated reading the information this afternoon. Congratulations on Living Strong and showing others the way! Blessings! Lyle

Lyle Anderson <lyle@normluth.org>   
Edina,MN, U.S.A. Posting Date: 02/20/2008

Hey Jim, The Birkie is coming up fast. Ski for the cure includes LAF so it isn't just for bicycle wienies anymore. Definitely in your honor. Make sure Max learns to ski too!! God Speed-Lars

Andrew Larson <larsoncottage@yahoo.com>   
wayzata, MN U.S.A. Posting Date: 01/27/2008


It's been a real pleasure working with you. I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers through ALL of your journeys. Bless you all, Cindy Murphy-Angie's List

Cindy Murphy <cindym@angieslist.com>   
Indianapolis, IN U.S.A. Posting Date: 12/11/2007

Hi Jim! The Schreifels ALL are with you Max and Barb!! Hope to see you soon! Paula, Mattison, Scott and AJ

Paula Schreifels <paulasinbloom2@msn.com>   
Blaine, MN U.S.A. Posting Date: 10/25/2007

Hey Jim. I'm a good friend of your friend Carrie. She sent me to your website. Wow, the world gets smaller every minute. Maybe we'll visit when I'm in town over Halloween. Have a glass of wine. That would be nice.

Lewis Cocke <lcocke@cox.net>   
New Orleans, LA U.S.A. Posting Date: 10/16/2007

Jim - Received a Bucknellian ... had to have a look to see what's what with those we went to school with ...

I still remember living on the 3rd floor at PKP ... you and Gene - Me, Tex and Al, Jeff and Troll, Krup and Daws, and Hitch - the lone senior ...

Hang tough - cheering for you from Australia !!

Cheers mate - Bill (Chill-babe) Walsh

Bill Walsh <wrwalshau@gmail.com>   
Maroubra, Australia Posting Date: 06/05/2007

Jim, I graduated Bucknell, Class of 1982. I tried to send you an email with information about a clinic in Mexico that is very affordable and has been doing fabulous things in alleviating cancer. Drop me an email with your email address. I would like to share the information with you. Best regards, Geoff Gallo

Geoffrey Gallo <geoffreysgallo@earthlink.net>   
U.S.A. Posting Date: 05/14/2007

Hi Jim, I saw your story in the Bucknell paper. My family did the ride for the roses in 02 and 03. Sending you lots of good energy! melissa connor wolavr '86

Melissa Connor '86 <melissa@gmavt.net>   
U.S.A. Posting Date: 05/04/2007

Jim, I read the short version of your story in the Bucknellian. I got to thinking that one never knows where life will take you. Just wanted to send some positive energy your way.

Nancy Russo-Petryna <Telenan@aol.com>   
Livingston, NJ U.S.A. Posting Date: 04/29/2007

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