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Wednesday, July 8, 2020  
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Hey Jim! You are a very amazing man. Your determination to fight your brain tumor is endless and amazing! I am supporting you all the way through your survival, and many other people are to. I love you a lot, Jim!

Love, Will Fraser

Will Fraser <wofraser@gmail.com>   
Orono, MN U.S.A. Posting Date: 01/04/2007

Hi Jim,

My name is Brian Wolf. I heard you speak at the LiveStrong Challenge Dinner this past weekend. Was tearing up with you as you spoke. You are an incredibly strong guy. Since then I learned more about you through my posting on the CCC website which was answered by Phyllis O'Grady. Phyllis and I exchaged a number of e-mails over the past few days. I've also joined CCC and have joined the Denver LiveStrong Challenge CCC team. You and Phyllis are quite inspirational.

Also, I learned from reviewing your website that you and I are fellow Minnesotans; I grew up in Columbia Heights. While I live in Irvine California now (for the past 20 years) I will always be a Minnesotan.

Thank you for bringing your inspiration to the Denver LiveStrong Ride. You spoke from the heart. I wish you and your family the best.


Brian Wolf New CCC member and fellow Minnesotan

Brian Wolf <bhwolf@cox.net>   
Irvine, CA U.S.A. Posting Date: 08/27/2006

It was GREAT to see you and Barb at BU in June, Jim! Thanks for your update mailing, and you can count on seeing me in Phila for your ride on Sept 10. Really looking forward to it. Stay Strong, Stay Inspired... We Love Ya', Man!

Bill Cusick <williamcusick@yahoo.com>   
Ambler, PA U.S.A. Posting Date: 08/10/2006

Hey Jim! So glad to know you! Keep on keepin' on. You rock the world.

Rosie Senjem <rosemary@intuitiveplan.com>   Web site: www.intuitiveplan.com
White Bear Lake, MN U.S.A. Posting Date: 05/31/2006

Jimmy Babe,

Your courageous and unrelenting joy of life is truly awesome. I still wear the yellow "LIVESTRONG" band you took off your wrist and gave me the night you left to ride cross-country with your team and Lance Armstrong (Sept 2004). You inspire me throughout each day of my life Jimmy! Keep the Faith! Eddie

Edward Villaume <>   
Hollywood, CA U.S.A. Posting Date: 04/05/2006

To brother Jim, You are an inspiration to so many people. We are proud of you! You are always in my prayers. Love, Chatty Cathy, a k a Catherine

Catherine Owens Duncan <Catherine@duncanfamily.com>   
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A. Posting Date: 02/18/2006

Dear Jim, I recently learned of your battle with cancer from our mutual friend, Fitz, and I just checked out your site. What an inspiration. It's a long way from our college days. I wish you continued good luck and have made a pledge toward your 2006 LAF goals.

Mark Oliphant <markoli@mac.com>   
Easton, MD U.S.A. Posting Date: 01/22/2006

Jim, you inspire us to keep working to be more than we are. Ride to live, and live strong!

Scott Joy <scottjoy@mac.com>   Web site: home.comcast.net/~scottjoy
Stratham, NH U.S.A. Posting Date: 12/04/2005

hey jim , it was great to meet you at the ride for the roses ... you are truly an inspiration to me .meeting you was a great highlight to the weekend ... thanks and live strong!

charles mulea <charles@topshelftickets.com>   
middletown, NJ U.S.A. Posting Date: 10/25/2005

Hey Jim,Good luck on your ride this year and reaching your goal of raising $50k for the LAF cancer research! You are our hero-we wish you continued success in your battle with the brian tumor. All the best to you, Barb and Max! Club Run is running for you, Greg & Julie Albrecht and all of your ClubRun buds!

Greg Albrecht <galbrecht@sathe.com>   
Eden Prairie, MN U.S.A. Posting Date: 09/07/2005

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