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Thursday, December 2, 2021  
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Jim has had the opportunity to help spread the word through a number of local and national television interviews. Please click on the links below to view the video segments. (High-speed Internet connection recommended for best viewing.)

Bucknell University Humanitarian Award (June 2006) [4.1 MB]

Peleton Dinner at 2005 Ride for the Roses in Austin [5.9 MB]

LiveSTRONG Day 2005 [9.6 MB]

Survivor Vignette: Aftereffects of Cancer Treatment, Relationships with Family, and Family Financial Issues (2005) [4.6 MB]

Fox 9 TV News 2005 Tour de France Interview [7.4 MB]

MOHF Star Awards 2005 Presentation by Chris Brewer, Lance Armstrong Foundation [29.9 MB]

WCCO TV News Follow Up Interview before Star Awards 2005 [7.4 MB]

Tour of Hope "Meet the Team" Video [21.8 MB]

NBC Today Show, Interview by Al Roker [4.4 MB]

Minneapolis' Fox 9 News [8.5 MB]

CBS-affiliate WCCO TV [7.3 MB]

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