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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Jim's Journal   (Return to journal entry listing)
Posting Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003
Subject: Birthdays, Milestones & Goals

Good Morning -

Happy birthday Alex! and welcome to the 40's Susan! I crossed that barrier last April 2nd. Since my diagnosis day was only 12 days after my 36th b-day, both milestone celebrations blend together. I am with you Susan – let’s climb a mountain, or a few, on our bikes! I have a few in mind that just happened to be memorable tour victories of Lance's.

But my first goal is to survive the decade. I am entering a scary period as I begin treatment again. If only I can get this tumor beaten back for another 5-10 years my docs seem very optimistic they can lick it by then with gene therapy, RNA Interference, or something else.

The meeting with the oncologist is tomorrow where we presumably get moving. I have no idea if I am going to leave the office with a schedule and a lot of information, or with a boatload of pills (or a prescription) and orders to start swallowing that night (Temodar is an oral chemo).

Tuesday I biked (trainer) for 20 min, ran 3 miles and swam a mile. With stretching and walking time in between I worked out for 1 hr 20 min, Ave HR 118 and max, 174. Today I am going for 20 min, 4 miles and 1.5 miles, respectively, under two hours. Pills or no pills, I still hope to ski the 51K Birkie on Feb. 22. The biggest obstacle might not be health, but lack of snow. PLEASE send some our way if you can spare!