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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2003
Subject: Inevitable is Here

You have been hearing me say for 6 months that surgery and chemo were coming up but my docs kept putting them off. Well, it is time, but without the surgery for now. Next Monday night I start Temodar, an oral chemotherapy. The thinking is that it isn't worth the risk of another brain biopsy right now given that Temodar is much more tolerable than other drugs. So away we go. I will keep you all posted as to my progress.

Meanwhile, I am not letting this get in the way of my training. We still have no snow, but I have been doing as much running, biking and swimming as I can. I have been having slightly more seizure activity in my left arm and hand so my meds are pretty high. I think this has cut back on my stamina. But I'm doing pretty well considering. Sunday I did run 3 miles on the track in 21:04 which was better than I expected. I also swam a mile at medium intensity which was disappointingly slow. But I am getting in some time. Whether this will be enough for me to be able to cross country ski race at all has yet to be seen, especially given the chemo. I am going to try to get out on a lake tomorrow and see how the legs feel on skis. I may be kidding myself but thus far my wife is humoring me.

If I tolerate the Temodar well, I am going to do 35K races on Feb 1 and Feb. 9. Then the 51K Birkie is Feb. 22. The Feb 1 race may be a stretch as it is the Saturday after my first week of Temodar. But it is in Minneapolis and it is now six loops on two lakes since there is no snow, which would allow me to drop out when and if needed. Again I may be kidding myself and making it to the spectator line might be an accomplishment. I have to dream...