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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Jim's Journal   (Return to journal entry listing)
Posting Date: Sunday, February 17, 2008
Subject: Moment of Truth

Tomorrow is the next moment of truth for me. I have the long series of MRI's starting at 9 AM. These are the first scans since November and will tell if adding Procarbazine and CCNU to Avastin is doing the job.

I have been having trouble with what seems to be peripheral neuropathy the past month. This is a somewhat common side effect of Procarbazine, and can be permanent. It feels like I am always wearing fuzzy wool socks. That is the "warm and fuzzy side." On the downside I am a little less sure footed, if I was at all before. It is like bad traction so I never go barefoot, especially in the shower or on the pool deck. They are not sure that is what this is. It could be tumor growth or brain swelling in or adjacent to the internal capsule where the nerves run between my brain and legs.

We will know a lot more after tomorrow. Hopefully I will get verbal results within 24 hours and I am scheduled to start round three on Thursday.

On the good side I am almost completely off steroids, and hopefully will be done Thursday. The chubby cheeks and extra chins are almost gone. Barb has been lovingly calling me "Pooh Bear" after I told her I thought I looked like the Winnie The Pooh float from the Macy's Day Parade. I am off to the gym to swim and help finish the job.

We are planning to go up to Cable WI to watch the Birkie next weekend. I had hoped to be skiing. I will get #10 one of these years.

Barb, Max & I are going to MN Twins Spring training in two weeks as a special gift of brother John and The Twins. Max has an on-field experience with the players. Anyone going to be around Ft. Myers/ Sanibel?