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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Monday, July 30, 2001
Subject: Tense Few Weeks

Thanks for the well wishes. The move is over and we are in our new house. Max is so excited to have "Neighbors!" as he exclaims when he sees the kids playing outside.

I have had a few other things making me tense. I am 39 years old, seemingly too old for Testicular Cancer. So what happens two weeks ago: I find a large lump. Then I had to wait five days to see an urologist. Thankfully it is non-cancerous (Epididymitis) and supposedly treatable with an antibiotic. Does anybody know anything about this? So that's the good news. At the same time the doc does my first prostate exam, and finds something he doesn't like. So I am off to get a PSA test. Now I find myself saying "Wait, I am 39 years old and too young for Prostate Cancer!" I have to wait until Friday for those results. There is a history of Prostate Cancer in my family, including my father, so while I remain optimistic this is another tense week.

My poor wife, what I keep putting her through...