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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Sunday, January 13, 2002
Subject: Not Good News

Peloton -

I am afraid you are going to be pulling me for a while. My second MRI and the MR Spectroscopy confirmed it - my brain tumor is indeed growing. I will be meeting with the neurosurgeons and oncologists over the next two weeks to develop a plan. Most likely it will involve PCV chemotherapy. The big question is whether they want to do a needle biopsy before to confirm what the growth is - oligo cells or some other type of tumor.

Am I going to be wiped out by chemo? If I start in early February is it foolish to think that I could ski the 51K American Birkebeiner at the end of the February (probably much slower)? I know everyone reacts differently but should I just plan on getting hit hard immediately? Unfortunately, I think I already know the answer about if I will be up for the Wisconsin Ironman in September.

Sorry to start your week off with a downer. I am actually relieved to finally have confirmed what I expected to hear. It is the waiting that I find the hardest.

Jim Owens