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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Monday, July 14, 2003
Subject: 2+ More Rounds and the Tour of Hope

Although the latest MRI was great I have decided to do at least two more rounds of chemo. Last dose of this round is tonight. The "standard" protocol for Temodar is somewhat in flux right now. It is a pretty new drug, especially in treating my tumor (Oligodendroglioma). Some doctors are advocating as much as one to two years! (Ugh) My bloodwork has been very strong so we are going to try two more rounds, get an MRI and then decide whether or not to continue.

Based on how things are going I should have plenty of strength and stamina for the Ride for the Roses at the end of October.

In a new development, friends of mine with CCC have encouraged me to apply for the TOUR OF HOPE team as well. Lance Armstrong will lead 20 riders on a 6-day tag team relay across the country October 11-18 to spread the survivorship message and highlight the tremendous importance of clinical trials. The team will be hand selected from a group of survivors, patients, doctors and caregivers. The team will be trained by Chris Carmichael, Lance's personal trainer.

It will be tough (120 miles each a day at 20 MPH) but with some horses pulling (possibly including Lance on occasion) I am pretty confident I can do it. My biking, running and swimming have all been very strong the past few months. Should I be selected I will probably end chemo at 7 rounds to make sure it is burned out of my system before the ride begins. I will keep you all posted.