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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Thursday, July 31, 2003
Subject: An Incredible Story and Tour of Hope News

Friends -

This inspiring story is from my friend and fellow Cyclists Combating Cancer member who has a son (Garrett) living with a malignant brain tumor that has left him visually impaired. Because of Garrett, Eric and his wife Nancy founded Rush-Miller Racing to raise money to purchase tandem bicycles for visually impaired children so they can experience the thrill of riding a bike like everyone else. The following is a link to Rush-Miller Foundation's website: www.rushmillerfoundation.org. It is a shining example of what Survivorship is all about. I encourage you to visit it.

Eric is a finalist for the Tour of Hope team that Lance Armstrong will lead across the country this fall to raise awareness of clinical trials. I also applied, but received notification tonight that I did not make the team. This is fine as it was a real stretch for me physically right now, and CCC will be well represented if Eric makes the team. I guess this means I get to enjoy round 8 in a few weeks.

Be Well -


----- Original Message -----
From: "Eric Miller"
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 9:56 PM
Subject: [CCC-NET] Incredible Day

We had the most incredible day. When Garrett finished all of his treatment he had a small device called a "slim port" removed from his left upper chest. The device works like a groshon for the delivery of chemotherapy, but is under the skin and reduces infection and allows for a somewhat active lifestyle.

Well when they removed the port Garrett asked for it. When we got the port we noticed the name BARD on the port. I found out who and where BARD was located (Princton, NJ). I shot off a thank you to the CEO and got a very nice personal reply in return. This was June 2002.

In August we were contacted to be part of their annual report and in October they sent a photography crew out from NYC to shoot the kids. Nice we thought.

In March of this year they sent out a film crew from DC and filmed our family for a video to show their employees and investors at their annual meeting. Wow! The closest to being stars we'll ever get.

Well today we traveled to Salt Lake City and were given an opportunity to meet the employees who designed and manufactured Garrett's port. How emotional to be able to see the people behind one of the products used to help save Garrett's life. They treated us like GOLD.

To top it off the retiring CEO and incoming CEO flew in and we got to meet them as well. Now this is a billion and a half global company so it was quite an honor.

As fate would have it they donated to our foundation and made possible for a beautiful blind Salt Lake girl to get her first tandem.

What a day. We knew thank you's are rare. As paramedics of nearly 20 years a piece we know. Apparently this was the first time in the history of their company of nearly 100 years, anyone had written a thank you. Wow. Get out your pencils...you may make someone's day.

Eric Miller