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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Jim's Journal   (Return to journal entry listing)
Posting Date: Thursday, August 28, 2003
Subject: Yellow Jersey but a very sad day

Friends -

I have been pretty silent these past few weeks as I had a lot more difficulty with my 8th (and final?) round of Temodar. I was at home most of the past two weeks with stomach pain and thrush (a mouth and throat yeast infection). Finally I am feeling better this week, am able to eat and am back at work. But I have lost 3 weeks of training and about 10 pounds so I have some rebuilding to do. Will and Ray, I am afraid I may need to attach the bungee cords again this year.

Yesterday was supposed to be a celebration as I crossed over $20,000 but it was unbelievably sad. It was confirmed yesterday that my sister's mother-in-law does have pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. Yesterday's surgery was unsuccessful at doing anything other than confirm our worst fears. Thoughts, prayers and well wishes for our sister Karen Duncan are greatly appreciated.

Then I received the LAF Peloton Project newsletter. Elli & Catherine were very kind to feature my website. But below mine is one for Guy Burdick and I learned about the death of John & Michele Phua's little boy Ryan. John is a cancer survivor and was a fellow yellow jersey member last year. Some of you might remember them. There is a picture on my website of Dan Henderson, Mike Sclimenti, John and me. He and Michele had the most precious 2-1/2 year old twin boys Ryan and Matthew, and Ryan died last month. Barb & I got to know them a bit, and we are still pretty numb today.

How do you recover from something like that? We don't know what we would do without our Max. Michele has written extensively on their website about the loss and recovery. Somebody told them that when things are at their worst you need to be at your best to survive. It is a very sad and touching site, but full of wisdom and love for those boys. If any of you who met them would like to offer condolences in their guest book the website is www.phuafamily.homestead.com.