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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Friday, September 5, 2003
Subject: Ironman Wisconsin

Sunday is the Second Annual Wisconsin Ironman (2.4 mi. swim, 112 mi. bike, 26.2 mi. run). I was training for the first one when my tumor became active again, so my good friend Dr. Peter Hanson stepped in and raced in my place. He did the race as a LAF Fundraiser on my behalf as part of the Janus Charity Challenge. Peter raised about $700 last year, and received an additional $750 donation for the LAF from Janus!

Peter is at it again this year, and he is raising money for the LAF in my name. The Ironman and Janus folks asked him to speak at the press conference this morning to talk about it. This is the second event he will do this year to raise funds for the LAF. The first was the grueling Minnesota Border To Border Triathlon (just what it sounds) which he and his teammate Dave Dow won! Their team name was "Team CCC" and they both wore CCC jerseys for the 400 miles of cycling. What an accomplishment, and what an incredible friend! I cannot thank you enough Peter, and congratulations. Good racing on Sunday!

Please look under the Writings section for an excerpt from that press conference from the Ironman Live website.

I wish that I could have been there but I was at the Oncologist at the very same time reviewing my latest MRI and deciding on my course of action (I will post later once I digest all the discussions).

Good luck to everyone else participating in the Wisconsin Ironman! Especially Eric Lanners from CCC and my old Northwest Club Run teammate Ken Valley! Race hard for yourselves as well as for all of us who wish we were "shoulder to shoulder" with to you at the race.

Look forward to hearing all your race news when you return!