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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Subject: Here we go again

Dear Peloton -

Just got back from a needed vacation in Seattle with my wife's family (sorry I didn't call Matthew - I will be thinking of you tomorrow at your last Rituxan treatment and scan!). I have been having some increased seizure activity (focal motor or twitching and numbness in my left arm) so my doc ordered a new MRI. He also upped my meds which seemed to take care of it. It has been a week with no seizure activity. Maybe it has just been work stress.

Unfortunately they found something...again. This time the radiologist was very specific. Instead of the "slightly increased T1 signal and possible increased enhancement" from December, now they say I have a new "focus of enhancement measuring 4 mm in diameter..." So it is back to the neurosurgeon. Sounds like tumor progression to me.

I am scheduled for June 26th but I usually get squeezed in much quicker so it could be any day. I will let you know what I hear. The debate starts again - PCV or Temodar. Anybody have any thoughts? I haven't heard from Christi for a while, but I know Temodar wasn't the miracle drug for her.

In the mean time I am going to go home and go for a ride. I have dusted off my mountain bike lately. We just got a Burley and my son's favorite activity now is to have daddy pull him up this monster hill by our house. My heart rate goes from 120 bpm to 175 in about 1 minute as we climb. Someday I am going to make him pay for this!