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Wednesday, April 21, 2021  
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Posting Date: Monday, September 6, 2004
Subject: TOH: Trek Training Camp

This weekend was the third and final training weekend for the Tour of Hope team. We are 12 weeks through and have four weeks to go in preparation for "the big ride!" It gave us a dress rehearsal of the sorts for the ride and revved us up for the final preparation. We did it all -- biked in the rain, rotated in a fast pace line both during the day and night, practiced the quick change from cycling to interviewing, speaking to groups at Hope Rallies, changed flats. This is going to be an exhilarating adventure!

I will share one story from that weekend:

On day three, we had a great opportunity to visit Trek and see the home of all our 5200s that will be our constant companions across the country. Hanging in the lobby were some of the historic bikes that Lance had ridden the past 6 years. The one that caught my eye was the Trek Madone, Lance rode on the 2003 stage ending in Luz Ardiden (where Lance caught the Musette bag on the final climb and crashed). To me, that was one of the most amazing days of riding I have ever seen. After the crash Lance, dug deep and not only fought his was back into the lead, but won the stage and put himself into the lead for the rest of the Tour. It parallels the story of what all of us who are cancer survivors on the Tour of Hope team have gone through. We all have snagged the cancer "Musette bag" and fought back to be riding today.

See what kind of parallels you can draw when you are slightly sleep deprived?

One month to go!